This magnificent rug was woven in Kerman. The design consists of a cypress tree in a vase flanked by birds and peacocks and decorated with patterned paisleys. Putting a patterned cypress tree in vase, or in other words a mille fleur flower - tree in a vase has rooted in Assyrian and Ilamite mythology.
During the Parthian and Sassanid, and then Islamic periods, two birds scattering the plants seeds all over the world, were added to the holy cypress tree.
Weaving flower - full cypress tree, and representing garden and tree - of - life in the form of a cypress was common in Kerman since late 17th century till early 20th century.
The space above the arch and the main border is patterned with flowers and scrolling leaves, adding to the beauty and glory of the rug. Above the rug we see the name of the weavers " Hussein, Mohammad, Gholamali.