The main design of the rug is prayer - niche with tree vase and animal motifs. The vase is composed of two lions and a few fish and ducks swimming in water beneath it.
Down the main field of the altar, the vase is flanked by two birds, with a snake coiling around each bird and the head of the snakes in the beak of the birds. Two peacocks are seen beside the birds and above them tree motifs with beautiful buds and birds nest.
Down the niche we see two horned goats.
A big crown is seen on the top branches of the tree with two birds holding it. On the spandrels of the niche combating animal motifs are evident.
Two semi-cypress trees decorate the sides of the main field.
The main border in black - blue, carrying animal and bird motifs with lions - head and tendril - stems is, surrounded by two narrow borders decorated with birds and floral motifs. This rug has a cartouche with an inscription that reads. " Woven by Mohammad Taghi Kashani, living in Tehran. "