The houshang- shahi pictorial rugs have special characteristics. It is probable that the carpet designers of kerman or ravar have seen the old king , s photos in the book written by forsat - e - shirazi titled ( asar - pl - ajam ) .
one of these kings whose name is also mentioned in ( shah - nameh ) ( the book of kings ) is king houshang , the founder of the pishdadi ( pradata ) dynasty.
According to ( shah - nameh ) king houshang ruled for forty years after kiyomars, and he was also the discoverer of fire. Since houshang was a powerful king and had many things in common with " soloman " the propher, he has also been depicted on a throne studded with gems, and carricd by the demons on their shoulders, to the sky.
The way the king was seated on the throne, and the details of the throne are exactly the same as the Persian imperal thrones such as the " peacock throne ", and the " marble throne'.
The main field of the rug is light beige, and the main border in light colour , carrying camels and vase motif , is flanded by two narrow bands.