After safavid period carpet designers drew portraits of kings and celebrities probably by using picture books, and weavers of different region wove these portraits in their carpets. In kerman also , weaving portraits of kings individually or in groups , and scenes from their courtsbecame popular.
At the same time portraits of king and queens were seen beside foreign political man and scientists and other wll - known people . in this carpet, the main field is decorated with a tree with portraits of kings and queens, queen Victoria, Alexander the third emperor of russia , king mohammad ali of qajar period, khedive of Egypt , emperor of japan, christoph colombus, and queen Isabella, instead of fruits and leaves.
Port of new york and statue of liberty is seen in the landscape of this tree - of - life. The main border shows a bridge and also portrait of the president of U.S.A. during that time and in four corners, portrait of king mozaffar - ed - din.
The main border is flanked by traditional secendaryborders of kerman with the typical colouring of the region.