In pictorial carpets, mostly we see portraits of kings depicted. They show kings in different poses, sometimes seated on the throne , sometimes mounted on the horscback, sometimes individually and sometimes in a standing posture.
One of these patterns which has mostly been woven is the king nadir , s coronation ceremony . experts believe that carpet weavers have taken the king nadir ,s coronation ceremony in dasht - e - moghan from the illustrated lithography books or the " qalamkar " ( printed ) cloths. In this carpet we see king nadir seated on the takht - e - tavoos ( the peacock throne), with his courtmen around him.
The scene composition is very similar to the king houshang pictorial rugs. In the upper part of the rug we see a cartouche inscribed with " nadir shah afshar".
the main border depicts very active hunting scenes, with the horse riders following the prey. The main border is flanked by two secondary borders of floral scrolls.