One of the exquisitecarpets woven in tabriz and appreciated by the experts, is this four season design carpet. The designer of thiscarpet is seyyed hossein mir mossavar arzhangi, and its weaver is master ijadi - e - tabrizi.
The main field of this carpet is divided in four parts showing four important historical monuments : the blue mosque of tabriz, the particle of ctesiphon, soltanieh dome in zanjan, and persepolis , and also men and women farming in seasons of the year.
In the centeral part of the carpet we see xerxes with two guards and the Zoroastrians symbol " feravahar " surrounded by the symbols of the months of mazayene calendar.
In the four corners of the rug we see portraits of prophets ( moses, jesus, Abraham, Ishmael, adam and eve), and between the corners, portraits of great poets of iran ( ferdowis , sa adi , baba taher, qa ani …. ). The narrow borders and space between the mutifs is inscribed with cuneifors writings. Tree of life mutif, and two birds, with griffin and elephants in sassanid style decorate the main border of this exquisite carpet.
The upper and lower kilim-woven ends of the carpet have some poems with the following meaning:
This carpet which is speead under the food of the kings of the world, is honoured because of their steps, look at this carpet respectfully and be seated, because it is appreciated all over the world. "
A copy of this carpet with the same design is woven by master sheikh hassan haddad - e - tabrizi in the late 19 th century and is kept in the baku museum .